Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Just when you think the long-running soap opera called the Republican Party can't get any steamier -- or any sillier -- they surprise us with another new chapter. Louisiana senators and prostitutes; Georgia governors and Latin mistresses; toe-tapping Nevada senators and closeted California state representatives caught with their pants down -- how could they possibly top all that?

With a donors' night out at an upscale West Hollywood sex club, that's how, and by dropping $1,950 on ... well, that's for tomorrow's episode, I guess. It's a wonderfully delicious scandal, funnier than hell given the players. So far, Allison Meyers, the director of Young Eagles, a Republican fund-raising organization aimed at under-45 donors, has been fired. No less an expert than Karl Rove has called her a "pervert," and he should know. Another Republican operative, Eric Brown, finds himself unexpectedly stuck with the bill after the Republican party, which at first reimbursed him for the expense, demanded the money back.

But the funniest part of the entire matter is how the media seems determined to sanitize the event. VOYEURS has been referred to in the press as a "lesbian stripper club" that features "pretend bondage sex acts." Well, maybe. Uh-huh. Lesbians, of course, are safe and a lot more acceptable in Republican society, at least as long as they're hot and gorgeous, right? Every red-blooded Republican male (and no doubt a few Republican females) likes to watch Lesbians "simulating" sex acts.

But that's not all VOYEURS is. What the media doesn't seem to want to talk about, and what the Republicans would prefer you didn't know is this:

VOYEURS is also one hell of a hot gay club. With hot gay men. Hot gay men who simulate sex. In leather and bondage. With a hot gay clientele that likes to watch. Hell, it's in West Hollywood, after all!

Now, the only real question remaining is exactly how "about a dozen" Young Eagle Republican donors managed to drop nearly $2,000 at a bondage club. How many dollar bills can you stuff into an upscale g-string? Just what is the going rate for a lap-dance these days (no fingering, please)? Okay, okay, maybe there's one more question: WTF?

The manager of VOYEUR, by the way, is offended by all the attention and claims the club has been defamed. "We are definitely not a strip club," she says. We cater to an A-list clientele." Well, hey, I guess that makes all the difference. But then, she did let in all those Republicans....

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