Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Eighteen officers involved in a raid on the Atlanta Eagle Bar receive subpoenas after refusal to testify.

From Advocate.com -- Police officers responsible for a September 2009 raid of the Atlanta Eagle, one of the city's oldest gay bars, have until now refused to appear in front of a civilian review board. The police union cited a fear that the officers' testimony could be used against them in civil court.

However, on Monday the Atlanta city council approved subpoenas that will compel 18 officers to testify before the Atlanta Citizen Review Board.

Bar patrons said they were harassed, indiscriminately handcuffed, forced to the ground, frisked, and arrested in a raid that included officers about 10 police cars and many undercover personnel.

Some bar patrons have filed a lawsuit in federal court claiming a violation of their civil rights.

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