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The National Organization for Marriage brought their hate tour to St. Louis yesterday.

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Leather Archives & Museum 2010 President's Award Recipients Announced

August 5, 2010

The recipients of the 2010 Leather Archives & Museum President's Award were announced today.

Sir Top and slave bonnie

Sir Top and slave bonnie, residing in South Florida, held the titles of SouthEast regional Master and slave 2007. They produce the event Beyond Leather in Fort Lauderdale, Florida each April. Through their titles, events and extensive teaching engagements, Sir Top and slave bonnie have raised awareness and funding for the Leather Archives & Museum and now are working closely with the Women's Leather History Project on their new project titled, "Women's International Leather Legacy" contest to be held in June at The Women's International Leatherfest.

They most recently completed the adoption of the women's bathroom at the museum. They are also Directors of MAsT (Masters And slaves Together) South Florida and owners of the Florida LeatherSIR / Leatherboy, Community Bootblack and the International Pony Play Championships hosted by Beyond Leather.

The award was presented to Sir Top and slave bonnie during Beyond Leather 2010, held April 23rd through 25th, 2010.

Bruce H.

Bruce is a founding member of the Portland Leather Alliance and, over the years has held many posts in that organization including Member-at-Large, Vice-President, Membership Director, KinkFest Director and three terms as President. He has helped to organize or run most of the
Portland Leather Alliances' events at one time or another over the years. Throughout the years
Bruce has been an energetic supporter of the Leather Archives & Museum and its goals and ideals. He recently began the process of adopting the Organizational and Presidential Papers
collection at the Museum.

The award was presented to Bruce at a ceremony held in Portland, OR on June 2nd, 2010.

About the Award

The Leather Archives & Museum President's Award is presented annually to individuals or organizations who have supported the mission of the Leather Archives in significant ways. Previous recipients are:

2005 - Roger Klorese
2006 - Dennis McMahon and Robert Miller
2007 - Mary Elizabeth Boyd / Eric Lawrence
2008 - Howard Zusel
2009 - International Ms. Leather, Inc.

About Leather Archives & Museum
The Leather Archives & Museum is a library, museum and archives pertaining to leather and alternative sexual communities. The geographic collection scope is worldwide and includes all sexual orientations and genders. The library collection contains books, magazines, scholarly publications, films and electronic resources related to the subject matter. The museum collection contains original erotic art and artifacts from alternative sex organizations and individuals. The archival collection contains unpublished papers and records from notable activists, artists, businesses and organizations related to the subject matter. For more information about the LA&M, please visit http://www.leatherarchives.org.

Leather Archives & Museum
Rick Storer
Executive Director