Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Katie Melua - "The Flood"

I seem to be in a musical mood lately, and I'm finding a lot of stuff I like. I'd never heard of Katie Melua until I saw this video on I'm sharing it here and looking forward to downloading it later. You can find the unmixed version on

And if anyone can tell me why about a quarter of my video posts get cut off on the right side, I'd appreciate the advice!

Broken people get recycled

And I hope that I will

Sometimes we're thrown off our pathways

What I thought was my way home

Wasn't the place I know.

No, I'm not afraid of changing,

I'm certain nothing's certain

What we own becomes our prison

My possessions will be gone

Back to where they came from


No one is to blame

As natural as the rain that falls

Here comes the Flood again

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