Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Last month, the citizens of Maine voted away the marriage rights of Gay people. Today, we were handed another heart-breaking defeat in New York. Maybe it's time to remind people of the real lives these votes are affting. Especially, let's remind merchants in your area of the Gay Community's spending power.

Do you want to protest the discriminatory laws and policies that make us second-class citizens? Maybe you can't take to the streets but would like to make some kind of quieter statement?

Take out a pen or magic marker and write "Gay Dollars" visibly on every dollar bill in your wallet or purse. Encourage your friends to do the same. And keep doing it. Put these bills into circulation and let the message pass from one hand to the other. They say that money talks in this culture. So let your money speak for you.

Not quite comfortable with handing your grocer a bill marked "Gay Dollars?" Then take up that pen or magic marker and write "Equality Now!"

Just Do It.

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