Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Uganda is on the verge of passing a horrific new law that would sentence gays and lesbians in that country to death or life inmprisonment. It would sentence people who know homosexuals and do not report them to three years in prison. Rachel Maddow has covered this proposed "Kill the Gays" law extensively on her program, and news stories about this massive human rights violation are all over the internet. This law has not yet passed the Ugandan parliament, but no one doubts that it will.

What can we here in America do? Uganda's national budget is extremely dependent upon foreign aid, and the United States provides a large portion of that aid. Contact your legislators and senators. Insist that they take notice of what's happening in Uganda and urge that, if this law passes, all American foreign aid immediately be discontinued.

But we can do more. We can boycott Uganda's largest export product, and that's coffee. Particularly, it's coffee made from Robusta and Arabica coffee beans.

Do not buy coffee labeled Robusta or Arabica without consulting the label. These are the two primary types of coffee grown in Uganda. If the label says Uganda, put it back on the shelf and inform the store owner why you will not buy it.

Starbucks is a huge purchaser of Ugandan coffee. Let your local coffee shop know about this law. Inform them that you won't be buying any coffee product from Uganda. Ask them to discontinue that coffee.

Dean & Deluca, an upscale specialty store with locations in many major cities, carries a variety of Ugandan coffees.

Millstone Coffees also distributes brands made with Ugandan beans.

Boycott any coffee labeled "Ugandan Gold," which is produced and distributed by an Evanglical Anglican group in Uganda and distributed by Old Time Coffee Co out of Middlesex, PA.

Boycott any product called "Ugandan Mountain Coffee," which is distributed by Coffee Legends, Inc.

Act now. Don't wait. Enlist your friends and spread the word. Boycott Ugandan Coffee.

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