Friday, September 4, 2009

New Pro Marriage Television Ad Airs in Maine

On May 6 2009, Maine became the fifth state to recognize Marriage Equality for all when Governor Baldacci signed into law a marriage bill passed by the Maine legislature.

However, anti-gay forces have succeeded in pushing a "people's veto," which would overturn the new law. The petition drive to force the measure required only 55,000 signatures. Working churches across the state, the bigots collected twice that number. Baldacci, who signed the new marriage law into effect, has now also signed the formal proclamation that puts the so-called “people's veto” on the November ballot.

“I fully support this legislation and believe it guarantees that all Maine citizens are treated equally under our state's civil marriage laws,” Baldacci said about the gay marriage law. “But I also have a constitutional obligation to set the date for the election once the secretary of state has certified that enough signatures have been submitted.”

The predominantly Catholic group National Organization for Marriage has promised to pour money into the repeal effort, and the Catholic Church has also promised support. The Catholic Diocese of Portland was responsible for forming "Stand for Marriage Maine," the group primarily spearheading the petition drive.

*** To hear an audio of NOM president Maggie Gallagher and Executive Director Brian Brown talking about their anti-gay stances, go here:

I've already blogged previously about the situation in Maine. Please read that entry if you haven't already done so. Despite these early entries into the television market, Equality Maine can expect to be massively outspent by anti-gay foes. Economic times are tough, but if you can afford a donation, go to their website and make a contribution. The gay community doesn't need another "first we have it - then we don't" repeat of California. Fight to keep marriage equality for all in Maine. Fight now and fight hard.


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