Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Atlanta Chief of Police Richard Pennington has issued an apology as a result of the raid on the Atlanta Eagle Bar, which occurred last week. Twenty-one officers, nine undercover and twelve uniformed police, in ten squad cars with three paddy wagons, essentially attacked the bar and the sixty-two patrons inside.

At a press conference, Pennington said he takes seriously allegations of police misconduct. He also expressed regret that Danni Lynn Harris, the department’s liason with the gay and lesbian community, had not been notified of the raid.

“She should have been invited,” Pennington said. If she had been there, the chief said, any inappropriate behavior by the officers could have been curtailed.

“This is very unfortunate this incident occurred,” Pennington said. “I’m sorry for what happened.”

Pennington claimed that the department had received previous complaints of drug use and sales at the bar. Additionally, he said that undercover officers had visited the bar on two previous occasions and witnessed sex acts. However, despite this BLUNT SHOW OF FORCE, by Pennington's department, no drugs were discovered on the premises or any of the staff or customers, nor was anyone arrested for public lewdness or lewd acts. Nor has anyone been arrested at the Eagle for either of those charges. "We have a clean record for thirteen years," said one of the Eagle's co-owners.

A demonstration was held on Sunday in protest of the raid. At least ten people have filed formal complaints against the police department.

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