Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama - Too Quiet on Gay Discrimination

I've been an Obama supporter since his victories in the primaries, contributed a small amount of money to his campaign, and vocally supported his efforts. As a result, I get ocassional messages from the campaign staff. I got one today thanking me for my involvement. I responded with the following:

Yes, all of this happened because of us. We stood with you from the beginning. Gay people stood with you from the beginning. Gay people voted for you by the thousands, worked for you, manned your phones, walked door to door for you. But you did not stand with us. I rejoice at an Obama victory, but that rejoicing is muted. In California, Arizona, Florida and Arkansas, I watched my rights taken away. Let me repeat: I watched my rights taken away. Obama said nothing, did nothing to prevent that. I stood with Obama, but Obama did not stand with me. Obama ran an inclusive campaign, but the results are far from inclusive. Millions of black and minority Americans no doubt feel more than ever a part of this nation. Gay people, once again, have been shut out. The rights of a group of Americans have been subjected to popular vote, and in that vote, ignorance and bigotry have prevailed.

I still remain hungry for the change Obama promised.

Best regards,
Storm Christopher

My note was returned with a form response. Amused, I resent it a second time to a different mail address and received a different form response, but a form response, nonetheless, that had nothing to do with the content of the letter.

Best regards,

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