Tuesday, November 4, 2008

MILK - The Movie

I have a dear friend and mentor who had a small role in the new movie, MILK, which is about the life of pioneering gay rights activist, Harvey Milk. Here are a few of his comments about the premiere of the film. That premiere took place at the Castro Theater October 29th. It has a stellar cast headlined by Sean Penn and Josh Brolin.

My friend writes:

"Click on the first pic and you get a slide show... This was the
premiere--red carpet, a line of reporters and cameramen, across the street a
bunch of 500 "no on 8" protesters... Inside, packed theater, speeches by
mayor, Gus van Sant, head of Focus Film, everybody trying to find their
assigned seats.... Film is unique, intense--film opens with Harvey
dictating his last will and testament into tape recorder, segue into meeting
lover Scott in Brooklyn subway station, trip to San Francisco, renting their
camera store and then the main film begins... Great chemistry between Penn
and Franco (Scott),
Brolin great, ditto Hirsch and rest of cast. Sound track terrific,
screenplay by 33-year-old Lance Black is terrific--Black is charismatic,
friendly, charming, and beautiful... I was crushed out on him
immediately.... Film over, I'm sitting on the aisle and the real Cleve
Jones comes by and hugs me and I give it up and bawl into his shoulder for a
full minute...
Film is ABOUT something.... The story of Harvey's life and a good chunk of
mine. Well acted, well photographed, well written, dramatic beyond belief
(at least my belief) and it was all REAL. The gay community of San
Francisco with nothing played down--making love, rioting, deep tragedy...
Omigod time at end. Only flaw in my eyes was the crawl at the end said
30,000 were in the candlelight funeral march for Harvey. It was actually
40,000--much of the city."

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