Saturday, May 22, 2010


Take one look at that red dress and hat and ask yourself - who's the real queer around here?

Archbishop Andrus Pujats, head of the Catholic church in some tiny spitwad dingleberry Balkan country or another, recently delivered yet another bigoted Catholic screed to some traditional family group. I couldnt resist paraphrasing it.

"We must assert that religion is an acquired vice that can be likened to addiction to drugs, alcoholism, tobacco smoking, etc., so that those who practice it cannot be treated as a 'minority.' We must say that religion can no longer be tolerated in the public sphere so that this disorder is not turned into an instrument of oppression for the detriment of all society. If someone has inclinations to vice, vice must be reined in and treated, and religion is vice. It cannot be respected or protected any longer by erroneously invoking notions of "religious freedom." Religion is not an orientation, nor an inherent trait; it is a lifestyle choice, and it is a perversion."

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