Monday, April 26, 2010


First, a group called GetEQUAL rattled the chains of gay complacency with a series of "zaps," chaining themselves to the White House fence, heckling President Obama during a fundraiser for Senator Barbara Boxer, staging sit-ins at the Washington and San Francisco offices of Nancy Pelosi. Seeming to come out of nowhere, they brought new passion to the struggle for equality with their willingness to get confrontational.

Today, Equality Across America , following in the footsteps of GetEQUAL, struck the Phoenix office of Senator John McCain. Five members of EAA entered McCain's office and refused to leave, eventually being arrested.

Now, GetEQUAL is calling for thousands to rally in LaFayette Square at the fence where their members, including Lt. Dan Choi, have twice been arrested, on May 2nd. Watch their video. One month ago, two people chained themselves to that fence. This month six people chained themselves. How many will chain themselves in May? Enough, I hope, to collapse that fence under the weight of Americans demanding equal treatment.

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