Sunday, November 1, 2009


Thanks to the wonderful Toni Pizanie, columnist for AMBUSH Magazine and one of the judges for the Mr. Louisiana Leather contest, I now have the results. She actually reported them much sooner, but I neglected to check all my email. Anyway, on with the winners!

Five hot men competed for the title in mid-October. Contestant #1 Gray Gibson, 31, 6', 185#, active in the Radical Faeries movement. New to the Leather lifestyle. Won Mr. Phoenix contest and sponsored by Phoenix Bar. Did not place.

#2 Brad Williams, 49, 5'10", 170#, teaches high school, active in church, soup kitchen and S&M. Sponsored by Rawhide. Did not place.

#3 Doug Duke, 44, 6'1", 175#, interested in Leather history and light bondage. Supports and enjoys Lords of Leather activities. Sponsored by Panda Bear. Placed second runner up (3rd).

#4 Toby Lefort, 37, 5'4", 150#, has raised $150,000 over 13 years for the NO/AIDS Task Force, member of the Lords of Leather, and title holder of Mr. Southern Renegades in Mobile, AL. Sponsored by Southern Renegades and B-Bob's Bar in Mobile. Placed 1st and well deserved.

#5 Jose Gonzalez, 34, 6', 205#, volunteers for NO/AIDS Task Force, helps friends rebuild their homes, a worthy cause after several hurricanes. New to the Leather lifestyle and eager to learn and share his experiences with the mainstream Gay community. No sponsor. Placed 2nd (first runner up) and loved by judges for his honesty and openness.

The judges and officials for Mr. Louisiana Leather 2010 included:

Michael Albracht, Mr. Louisiana Leather 2008

Bobby Connell, Owner of the Phoenix Bar

Larry Everett, International Mr. Leather 1995

Tony Pizanie, Political Activist and Contributing Journalist to AMBUSH Magazine.

and Joe Trotta, Manager of Rawhide 2010

John and Paul, owners of John Pauls served as tally masters.

So, congratulations to TOBY LEFORT, the reigning Mr. Louisiana Leather. Toby, I wish you the best of luck and hope you do very well at the International Mr. Leather competition next May.

And to all the competitors, the judges and the LORDS OF LEATHER, who sponsored the contest, thank you for an exciting event. New Orleans is a great city and lucky to have such a vibrant and thriving leather community.

Toby LeFort, Mr. Louisiana Leather 2010

(Note: the photographs used in this article are not mine, but the work of other photographers.)

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