Tuesday, July 14, 2009



Joseph Biedermann, a 30-year old Chicago man with a previous history of trouble and violence, has been acquitted of murdering his neighbor, Terrance Hauser, 38. Beidermannn, who claimed that Hauser tried to rape him, stabbed Hauser with a seven-inch dagger 61 times. A jury of 12 no-doubt straight people found Biedermann not guilty of first-degree murder on Friday.

Joseph Biedermann claimed that he and Hauser had both gone to a bar and gotten drunk. Biedermann then went home with Hauser and passed out on the couch. He claimed that he woke up to find Hauser, who he said was armed with a sword and a dagger, attempting to rape him. He wrestled with Hauser and got control of the knife, he said.

According to an NPR report, Beidermann then made his way home. His girlfriend insisted he shower to wash away the blood while she took care of his clothes. When police investigated, they reported no sign of any struggle at all in Terrance Hauser's home.

Now, setting aside any attempts at reportage, let's just call this what it is - and that is homophobic BULLSHIT. I don't use the word "homophobic" often, but nothing else can rationally explain the jury's decision. Stabbed sixty-one times? That's not self-defense -- that's butchery. This verdict shames the jury, the Cook County Court System, and all of Chicago.

I don't even care that this pathetic cockroach was defended by Sam Adam Jr., the same attorney who defended R&B singer R. Kelly against child pornography charges or that he's currently defending Rod Blagovitch against coruption charges. What was this ignorant JURY thinking?

Stabbed sixty-one times.

Found innocent.

Stabbed sixty-one times.

Found innocent.

By a jury of Beidermann's peers, maybe. Not by a jury of our peers.

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